"How to Be Happy- the Bible Way"

HERE WE GO AGAIN, ANOTHER WEEK OF MEETING GOD HALF WAY IN OVERCOMING THIS VIRUS BY STAYING ISOLATED SO IT CAN'T SPREAD FROM OR TO US! Our Sunday’s sermon for Lent 5A, a prayer for receiving spiritual Holy Communion, the Bible lessons for Lent 5A, and the Prayers of the People are all included in our church website in the page “Sermons and Stuff:” https://www.stpaulsepisag.org/ The sermon is entitled “Unbind Him and Let Him Go Free”.  You might find it helpful in these confusing and threatening times.  Please be safe, healthy, and stay home as much as possible to avoid catching or spreading the coronavirus.  Research shows that 4 out of 5 people who catch it got it from someone who didn’t know they were infected.  Just like the common cold, we spread our germs before the first sneeze or cough. Be blessed.  Michigan now has 5,486 cases.  God only knows what the increase will be this week.  Let's do our part.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Saginaw, MI, a Jubilee Ministry Center, is an inclusive, thinking person's church where everybody is somebody and Jesus Christ is Lord. We are a Gospel Community of Christians committed to building strong, holy lives; reaching out in love to others; strengthening justice and compassion throughout our community; and winning souls for Christ and his Church.


The Very Rev. Judith Boli:


Rev. Judy was ordained to the Priesthood in 1978 and has served the congregation of St. Paul's in one way or another since, as our congregation spreads the Good News and acts as a beacon of hope in our community.


Each and every week, our congregation engages in ministries focused on helping the struggling in our community.

>   free meals

​>   free health clinic the first Sunday of every month

​>   access to a free pantry

​>   GED study group

​>   and so much more.



Each month, St. Paul's Church feeds approximately 1,000 people and distributes groceries to about 300 families. 


We need volunteers!

St. Paul's is always looking for church or business groups to sponsor and host our weekly Sunday dinner. You'd need 4-5 people and enough food to feed about 125 from 1-2pm!

Transportation is available for all worship and fellowship activities by calling (989)598-3639.

Contact Rev. Judy by calling the church at (989)755-3449 or emailing her at jboli@charter.net.

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