"How to Be Happy- the Bible Way"

This Sunday we hear Jesus tell us that we should be like salt!  What in the world is the relationship between salt and improving our walk with Jesus?  If this has you thinking, check out Sunday’s sermon. It is entitled “You Are the Salt of the Earth- WHAT?” and can be found at the end of our church’s web site http://www.stpaulsepisag.org/ under the category “Sermons & Stuff”:  Or better yet- come join us in person at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 720 Tuscola, Saginaw, Michigan. Our Sunday services are at 8 and 11 AM.  We do not have a dress code.  If you would like to find ways to make a difference- we may be the church for you.  We invite you to try us and see.  All are welcome.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Saginaw, MI, a Jubilee Ministry Center, is an inclusive, thinking person's church where everybody is somebody and Jesus Christ is Lord. We are a Gospel Community of Christians committed to building strong, holy lives; reaching out in love to others; strengthening justice and compassion throughout our community; and winning souls for Christ and his Church.


The Very Rev. Judith Boli:


Rev. Judy was ordained to the Priesthood in 1978 and has served the congregation of St. Paul's in one way or another since, as our congregation spreads the Good News and acts as a beacon of hope in our community.


Each and every week, our congregation engages in ministries focused on helping the struggling in our community.

>   free meals

​>   free health clinic the first Sunday of every month

​>   access to a free pantry

​>   GED study group

​>   and so much more.



Each month, St. Paul's Church feeds approximately 1,000 people and distributes groceries to about 300 families. 


We need volunteers!

St. Paul's is always looking for church or business groups to sponsor and host our weekly Sunday dinner. You'd need 4-5 people and enough food to feed about 125 from 1-2pm!

Transportation is available for all worship and fellowship activities by calling (989)598-3639.

Contact Rev. Judy by calling the church at (989)755-3449 or emailing her at jboli@charter.net.

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